through the process of photosynthesis, both plants and animals are brought to life and we all share the same air and the same light.

cloud electrons
net ions iron
clanging my way to work
canal some roads to rivers some
sum annihilated some canyons
canary in the gold crying
the best thing about rock is bridge
carrying meaning seeking others
like tongue or carbonous acid form pays
attention to erosion fold
stone into caves taking
the long way around
an hour uphill biking
sky tired blue stretched to its limits
steel spokes gravel ground
the rivers under-land
my feet sinking
each push of the pedal petal to surface
wind betraying long legged veins below
dead carcasses floating through current
bringing nutrients to stone
the repetition of pedal to sound
I am not alone I am not alone
chain pulling well-oiled this is not submission
billions of bacterial colonies underfoot
the need for rock to cradle and sunlight left land
with the discovery there is more in hand
than particles of sand
any city is a cover cove
between the mouths
of caves or oceans
in intrusive exploration humans shed
skin to the water, reflection final
pristine and without quality

now billions lost per second
we are not nutrients
to those without teeth
this, a recent conclusion.

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