filament receptacle

i write nothing more than bodies and/of/as landscapes the finite nature body filial exposed green scented stigma of a plant sexless to itself sex fulfilled continuity fluid revival sunlight makes love plucked hairs from hands names for the top of the hand rivers are blood in small portions mine rising to the surface so easy to route me i have too many veins of interest i could be bled dry for pleasure this is pleasure seeded root next rib count lashed to tree weeping boughs bent to constant cover shield shied fields wheat blowing wind reminding not to be eaten soiled by contaminates all fish will learn to swim upstream mouths moving along staircases bone jump to bone and end the jaw all possible interactions arise fog from pillows cottoned covered cases here lies body of land sweeping gestures infinite proportions propensity to remind dawn again noting perfect symmetry even no sun still there is light.


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