the reduction of water


water tabled sitting cool
evaporation and stagnation
tilted glass, meniscus caught light
great whale mouth swallowing sea
again and again flush
up flush up flush hot cheeks
one swell of white palm
after another brushing back
tides of saliva and hair
pooled remains of snipped words
body cresting at dawn wash away
awash way out to high tides no one sees

sublimation close to nirvana hunched into
processed evaporation
condensation that well-licked glass mouth
and hand lifting light yellow liquid
soon to be below surface soon to be rotting
this process more alive than dying

consumption consumption open-mouthed consumption
pity cold remorse water turning to air
partitioned reservoirs kept separate but not closed
everything back to sea, evaporation and substance flow
cycle cycle cyclic re-cycle
one hand after the next combing through the remains.


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