Through Raising Awareness

There is always work to be done and there is always remorse. Remember this: there is always remorse. It is no good to expect otherwise. There is no otherwise. There is too much to be said about otherwise and there is no time. There is never time. Time is hardly the answer, time does not matter; time was created. In other parts of the world time is measured by the height of the tides, not in minutes and hours. Time is indescribable to anyone who has never experienced it. Time is not an experience but of the essence. Time is something to forget about unless trying to live your life to the fullest and then time is everything because it is expected that time will be spoken about, as in there is not much time left, as in there is never enough time, as in the time between life and death is short and there is much space left for you but not that much space; there is never enough space. Seventy percent of the earth is water and now it is being said that this is not enough, that actually the sea water levels are rising, that actually there will be more water and but yet still more of us, of the proverbial you, so there is rising on all accounts but crucially, crucially, the fault is ours; and when the water rises and the acidification rises and the other seas evaporate and the other water evaporates there will be much destruction but destruction is not the answer. There is little to be said about destruction other than it is familiar. It is a constant. There is the constancy of destruction and moreso, there is the constancy of creation. Let us not forget. It practically writes itself that you cannot have one without the other. One should be discussing creation because there will be creation too, when the volcanoes erupt, when the subduction zones become less of a theory and greater in magnitude, when there is the rising of ash and water alike; the raising up of stone and plates; tectonics is a beautiful thing. Most earthquakes begin at least twenty kilometers below the surface but also, more often than that, they occur at even greater depths so there is that, too, to think about. The tremor that is killing thousands and thousands of people came from so far below the surface one might think of it after; it could be considered to be an afterthought. As in, there was much more created in the time it took the earthquake to arrive. There were births. There were flaggings of celestial anomalies. There were centimeters of movements along the plate lines. Continents sunk a little bit lower. Species became extinct. Cures were discovered and patented. Everything happening in the blink of an eye. The blinking of an eye is not worthy of discussion on most accounts except for the residual idea of it being symbolic, like symbolically standing in place of speech, as in a single tiny movement specifying life. Blink once for yes, twice for no. At least this. At least communication. When continental crust finds itself similarly trapped in a subduction zone, it has been stated that the smooth operation of aforementioned subduction zone will then be spectacularly disrupted. Geology is often understated. This kind of disruption resulted in the Himalayas. They are now widely accepted as a significant being of proof while the rest, even expansive areas of geology itself, remains theoretical. There is a large amount to be said on theory but that is not worth exploring because it is all theoretical and at the end of the day, who has times for theories? What we need are cold facts. Incoming facts. Bulleted facts arriving via various social texts; cultural texts; textual references made through various realms of media in hyper-text formula. Sonar and lunar and psychological and logical and the what-have-you. Water, too, can be read. It can be implicated in a variety of activities. It can be an active participant. It has been studied. There is a raising awareness concerning the rising levels of water. Exceptional quantities will consume mass products of land. Cultural continents will not necessarily be revived. There will be great losses, amongst the creation of many other things.


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